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What’s in a name!

Welcome to, thank you for visiting my website.


After a long and hard struggle I became a mother of a beautiful daughter named Jackie.

From the moment I knew that I was pregnant of a baby girl, I started preparing my girl's wardrobe. I especially looked for original items and accessories which fitted my style perfectly.


Quite fast I realised that the items I liked, were not easy to find in one particular store. I mainly adore original, handmade pieces, pastel colours and flowered details. I wanted to create my own small place with clothing and accessories in which I could express my character, interests and taste.

I came up with the idea to collect all these items and start my own webshop, hoping to inspire other mothers.


LovebyJackie is a cute and small website and webshop which offers clothing and accessories for girls & boys from 0 to 9 years with a mix of all beautiful things I like for my own daughter with a touch of my every day inspirations. 


I hope to inspire everyone who is looking for that one special item or original present for a little princess!


Love Ellen xoxo

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